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Bank on our expertise for a reliable and scalable solution. Integrate plugins, Third-party solutions with Shopsystems, Payment adapters, and eCommerce Data connector solutions for a great digital commerce experience.

SFCC Cartridge Development - Ideatarmac

SFCC Cartridge Development

SFCC Cartridge Development - IdeatarmacFrom Complex Payment integrations to Product Information Management systems (PIM) to Translation services, we have seen and done it all when it comes to integrating with SFCC. We offer our experience in building, certifying and supporting 35+ SFCC Cartridges for several renowned technology providers.
There is nothing more to say that we are one of the most preferred solution providers in the SFCC community when it comes to cartridge development.
Simplify and accelerate your integration process through Salesforce Commerce Cloud LINK cartridge with us.

All-in-one Plugin

All-in-one Plugin - IdeatarmacTo integrate with multiple shopsystems, companies are turning to solutions that integrate plugins easily across Shopsystems like Hybris, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, and more. Ideatarmac brings to you an All-in-one universal plugin that enables your eCommerce infrastructure to build consumer relationships faster by leveraging out-of-the-box APIs, eCommerce connectors and integration templates. It also means minimal custom coding, more efficient cost and resource allocation and no hassle about multiple development platforms.

All-in-one Plugin - Ideatarmac
Universal Payment adaptermonitorem - Ideatarmac

Universal Payment adapter

Universal Payment adapter - IdeatarmacBacked with enormous experience of integrating PSPs with Shopsystems across globe, Ideatarmac showcases Universal Payment Adapter, a B2B, B2C solution software that integrates with just a few clicks. It reduces effort by 70% and connects as a plugin between more than 10 Shopsystem and different payment options.

eCommerce Data Connectors

Data Connectors - IdeatarmaceCommerce Data Connector is Ideatarmac’s solution for data integration which is a cloud-based technology. We provide an integration solution that eases the business by refining, transforming and publishing of relevant data among the Shopsystem. Biggest advantage of Ideatarmac’s e-commerce data connector is its flexibility and readiness to initiate project implementation instantly.

Data Connectors - Ideatarmac
monitorem - Ideatarmac


monitorem - IdeatarmacMonitorem provides Real-time data analysis of your online shop behaviour through our AI-driven Machine Learning algorithms. It does not just do complex data analysis but provides decision support through various decision making Artificial Intelligence algorithms.
Another vital aspect is automated troubleshooting, which not only identifies the issues but also provides the impact as well as various possible actions to solve the problems.

News and Events

News and Events - IdeatarmacStay abreast of the latest technology developments, initiatives, and events from Team Ideatarmac.

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