Data Connectors in the eCommerce Arena

Data Connectors in the eCommerce Arena

It is a new normal for highly evolved shoppers of today buying anything easily, from any device until getting almost instant delivery. Necessary milestones of the shopping journey involves personalized experience and recommendations, close to real product pictures,product information in multiple languages ,other value-added shopping services etc.


Exchange of data in eCommerce is an essential key for the establishment of B2B and B2C eCommerce businesses. The access to a precise amount of data available to buyers results in an added advantage for the growth of any eCommerce businesses regardless of being big or small online retailers. With the exchange of data, it becomes unchallenging for a business to track consumer shopping behaviour.This ensures knowing one’s target market, an increase in customer loyalty, and a safer eCommerce approach. eCommerce platforms like the SFCC, Hybris, Magento, and many others are giving a lot of the features as out of the box components. Otherwise, they are probably not enough to fulfill the demands of a highly demanded eCommerce market. Part of evolving as a modern business means strategically integrating the specialized OMS, recommendation engine, PIM, translation tools, CMS, Inventory, payment, Analytics tools, and many other innovations into the shop systems infrastructure.

Why eCommerce Data Connector Integrations are Important?

“eCommerce Data connector is a procedure that involves rapid movement of data from multiple data sources into a single data repository which allows filtering and transformation of data in a structured format”

With the growing demands of eCommerce platforms digitally, not just the APIs but also the integrations associated with various eCommerce platforms are proving to be cumbersome processes for various eCommerce businesses. This is where we need data connectors as an easy all-in-one data integrated solution which helps in transforming the data into meaningful information to generate valuable insights required for the growth of an eCommerce business.


Thus, eCommerce data connector’s capabilities are becoming the core to integrate as well as simplify the onboarding and integration processes for seamless data flow and information management across applications preventing siloes. This includes integrating partner, storefront, and marketplace data with back-end applications, as well as synchronization of internal applications, integration of data stores, and connections to enormous data storage and analytics frameworks.

Six reasons why every online retailer needs data connectors?


Multi-enterprise ecosystem management with the current microcosmic nature of eCommerce, companies can achieve greater success when they create a protected environment for multi-enterprise interaction. Ecommerce data connectors with their cloud integration capabilities can enable fluidic and hassle-free interactions across applications, partners, customers, suppliers, and other vendors.


Fast and multiple API connections for multiple Third-party products including database providers, web services, cloud-based file-sharing platforms, spreadsheets and so much more.


Time to Market is the key for any business and so is rapid integration with high innovation. With eCommerce data connectors simplified technology it can be integrated without any infrastructure changes. This also means the possibility of scaling to fit any data involving SaaS applications.


Automation is key to market success Data connector automates the order to payment journey to and from your back-end systems and applications. This not only means a frictionless customer journey but also a better understanding of the customer experience.


Single source of truth With the deployment of eCommerce data connectors into your system, a few-clicks can help you view the entire ecosystem and gamut of data across applications using any Business intelligence platform.


Better Support management Ideatarmac’s data connector results in effective end-to-end integration without any infrastructure changes and minimal coding. Thus, providing clear visibility leading to an enhanced eCommerce approach.


Enhanced Performance Most eCommerce platforms are designed to scale for large transaction volumes however they are not the best place to do data processing, manipulations, and storage. In that case, eCommerce Data connectors can easily compliment them by taking over the whole process of data processing. To create data in the format understandable by various eCommerce platforms, after receiving it from all the different sources that connect to multiple eCommerce platforms.

Unlock the power of data with Ideatarmac’s eCommerce Data integration


eCommerce Data Connector is Ideatarmac’s solution for data integration which is a cloud-based technology. We provide an integrated solution that eases the business by refining, transforming, and publishing relevant data among various eCommerce platforms.
We remove the complexity by providing clear visibility and performance. With the Ideology “Connect Once and Publish everywhere’’ we aim at making your integration a lot simpler and reducing the effort by 70%.


Supported eCommerce platforms

Our eCommerce data connector is an ideal solution for all your data integration between eCommerce platforms. We focus on getting the integrations customized regardless of Third-party interface or platforms based on your requirements.


If retailers in the current time of micro products driven eCommerce systems want to maximize the operational efficiency, then they must be willing to connect the store to multiple back-office systems. That means: creating a single source of truth, enhanced customer service, managing inventory, PIM, OMS, fulfillment, CRM, payment, and many more as one single ecosystem. This will ensure a faster time to market and a great customer experience.