About Us

When it comes to eCommerce technology we understand every aspect of the infrastructure and its unprecedented challenges. With hands-on experience and market research, we at Ideatarmac built a solution that is agile and seamless. We work on various eCommerce infrastructures, the integration of plugins to different Shopsystems and real-time data analysis. The ultimate goal is to provide an easy integration, great user experience and optimal solution for you as a technology user or a technology service provider.

We are a team with diverse expertise in Salesforce commerce cloud cartridge development, plugin development, eCommerce data connector, shop payment middleware, and user experience optimization platform. With over 50 SFCC cartridges implementation and certifications, we are your most trusted solution service partner you can rely on.

Venturing on to the Shopsystem integration we bring our expertise in integrating more than 600 websites with Shopsystem plugins in every aspect of eCommerce technology be it shipping, payment checkout, post delivery, etc.

With our product Monitorem we offer one of the most advanced AI-driven Machine Learning algorithms and an eCommerce troubleshooter, which provides real time user experience while reducing the costs of troubleshooting up to 80%.

In perseverance of an advanced automated technology, we developed a progressive software ‘eCommerce Data Connector’ and solution ‘Payment Middleware’which are designed to amplify and seamlessly function with your eCommerce infrastructure system. This package together in integration with your Shopsystem provides an unconventional experience to your eCommerce technology for your users and clients.

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How far have we come

We started our journey in 2010 in the metropolitan city Bangalore, India with a focus on consultancy projects related to Demandware (now SFCC). In 2013 a group of ex-colleagues and friends who were working on Demandware founded Ideatarmac in Jena, Germany as a company, with a vision to offer end-to-end services to Demandware technology users or merchants. Today we operate from 2 locations and we are not only the trusted partner supporting our clients in Europe, but also throughout the world. See how we progressed.

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Learning phase

Started our journey focusing on Demandware projects which is now known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.


Determined Phase

A quest for growth and determination a group of Demandware expertise founded Ideatarmac as a company in Jena, Germany. With right skill and knowledge our team expanded with its presence in Germany and India.

Product Phase

Focus shifted towards more retailers leading to development of Link cartridges. A spur and demand from the retailers contributed into the development and launch of our AI driven product Monitorem, which was developed along with the SFCC link technology.


Recognition Phase

We cemented our presence as a Premium Link Technology partner for SFCC Cartridge development and also one of the most preferred partners for our clients. We were listed at Ernst & Young start-up challenge for our Monitorem product which in turn boosted our spirit for continued innovation.

Innovation Stage

With our progressive ideas, we added a Machine learning Algorithm to our Monitorem and made it to what it is today – an AI driven Machine learning algorithm. Now Monitorem is an automated troubleshooter, who helps our clients reduce the costs up to 80%.


Present Continued Quest

We accelerated our technology and our expanded our business. The year started with a Plugin integration for Shopsystems. Our creations are a data connector named Datatarmac, as well as a payment solution named Ideapter. These are integrated solutions, which work along with different Shopsystems. Our commitment as a result changed into offering you a seamless, agile eCommerce infrastructure.

Our values

Ideatarmac believes in creating a culture that values people, talent, their happiness, and dedication. We nurture a culture of engagement and trust through our unconventional working model that optimizes their productivity and performance. This unique culture attracts people to take initiative and ownership, to make a difference and focus on quality delivery. Our HR policies are formed with a vision, happiness leads to efficiency maximization and productivity.

We value and strive to create a work-life balance culture and as a result a high retention rate and productivity with a diverse team comprising of 60% Women workforce.

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Team Ideatarmac

We are like craftsmen from 18th Century who revere and take pride in their obsession with IT and things it can do. Team is a combination of Demandware certified and experienced developers, support, marketing and analytics folks.

Meet the team who built the dream