About Us

With hands-on experience and market research, we at Ideatarmac work on various E-Commerce infrastructures, the integration of plugins to different shop systems and real-time data analysis. The ultimate goal is to provide an easy integration, great user experience and optimal solution for you as a technology user or a technology service provider.

How far have we come

We started our journey in 2010 in the metropolitan city of Bangalore, India with a focus on consultancy projects related to Demandware (now SFCC). In 2013 a group of ex-colleagues and friends who were working on Demandware founded Ideatarmac in Jena, Germany as a company, with a vision to offer end-to-end services to Demandware technology users or merchants. Today we operate from 2 locations and we are not only the trusted partner supporting our clients in Europe, but throughout the world as well. See how we progressed.