akeneo connector

Akeneo ⇔ Shopify Connector is a cloud-based Middleware, which enables, facilitates, and manages the data flow between Akeneo and Shopify. Besides its two interfacing layers which is used to integrate Akeneo PIM with Shopify, it contains a core connector unit to convert, process, and edit the exchanged data. Depending on the e-commerce retailer’s requirement, a custom set of functionalities can also be addressed.

Fig – Data connector Plugint

Key Features

Ready to be used within minutes.

No coding skills are required to install or operate the connector.

Flexibility to customize the connector based on your requirements.

Ability to review the data before importing it into Shopify.

Schedule custom imports by using Advanced filtering options.

Akeneo to Shopify in a completely automated way with options to connect to multiple Akeneo instances or multiple Shopify sites from the same connector.

This connector works with both Shopify and Shopify plus.

Detailed Features

Please refer following feature list for all the features that are part of the current version of the Connector:

Data transfer between Akeneo PIM CE/GE edition and Shopify

Import of following product attributes from Akeneo into Shopify




Text area




Simple Select



Locale based values

Site based values

Import of Akeneo categories into Shopify collection

Multiple category trees

Categories with translated labels

Import of Product properties into Shopify

Categories at product level

Enabled/Disabled product status

Import of Product model into Shopify

Products with 1 level variation

Products with 2 levels of variation

Same shopify ID used for updates to variations

Simple select list as attribute type as variation axis

Import of Product model properties into Shopify

Categories at product model level

1 / 6

2 / 6

3 / 6

4 / 6

5 / 6

6 / 6

Data transfer between Akeneo PIM EE/Serenity edition and Shopify

Import of image assets at product level into Shopify.

Import of image assets at product model level into Shopify.

Both media (binaries) and media links for Asset attributes are imported from Akeneo into Shopify

Assets can be imported per Site into Shopify