Ashish Chauhan

Ashish Chauhan, Managing Director for the Indian Operations at Ideatarmac.

Ashish Chauhan

India Operations and Marketing

Ashish Chauhan is the co-founder and Managing Director for the Indian Operations. He leads the Product Innovation and Marketing through his quest for ideas and innovative vision. In 2010 he ventured into eCommerce business, leading through the success of Ideatarmac. His keen interest in business analytics and real-world application knowledge has been a great contribution in achieving utmost customer satisfaction and also the success of our product Monitorem.

Ashish holds a Bachelor’s in Engineering from India and an Advanced Diploma with an emphasis in Marketing from IIM, India.

He is a people’s person through and through and a keen believer that happiness creates a positive attitude and brings the best out of people. He strives to make it happen by focusing strongly through a culture of work-life balance and trust. His extreme enthusiasm creates synergism.