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A services company’s dilemma of new product development

The service mindset- a fight of sustenance vs. disruption A services company is driven by customers and financial resources brought in by these customers. The customer generally is ready for incremental innovations to improve performance along the historically valued dimensions. However, a disruptive product brings in a very different value proposition which rarely finds immediate…

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Bronze sponsor of Demandware XChange 2016, Berlin

We are excited to be the Bronze sponsor of Demandware XChange 2016 taking place at Intercontinental Berlin on 14th and 15th of this month. Pratyush from our team will be there to showcase our “Data driven performance monitoring platform-Monitorem” and how Ideatarmac can assist you in building, managing and optimising Demandware sites. Ping him on…

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Witness EYSC 2016, Berlin Grande Finale

Though we did not win the challenge but the learnings from the event, mentors and other startups was life altering. Watch the  grand finale video here.

Ideatarmac headed in the right direction with EYSC 16, Berlin

Getting shortlisted at Ernst and young startup challenge under smart services category for our troubleshooting automation platform-Monitorem was in itself a feat. And now with series of awesome workshops and some serious in-depth feedback sessions with mentors and industry experts, we are excited about the vast opportunities and new way of life that EYSC 16…

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Ideatarmac joins Demandware LINK to Accelerate Commerce Innovation

Pre-built integration makes it faster and easier for Demandware clients to deploy Monitorem-data driven troubleshooting platform. Jena, Germany – November, 2015 – Ideatarmac, ecommerce simplified today announced that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies that are complementary to the Demandware®…

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Culture, communication and content

While growing up when my father didn’t like any of my action, his subtle expressions and one odd sentence was enough to ensure I understood, which probably was my first communication lesson. A lesson of reading between the lines which is also a deep rooted communication technique in Indian culture. Later on, working in international…

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The Logic of Indian e-Consumer

Fighting Amazons and flipkarts of India The amazons and flipkarts are the google of shopping in India. They have commoditized the whole ecommerce market, hence irrespective of specialized sites available, whatever you want or you don’t want is available on amazon. And to top it up is the restriction on FDI in ecommerce that adds…

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