We offer a simpler, faster and efficient plugin solution and software. Our Ideapter helps you integrate a perfect mix of payment options to your Shopsystem. That makes it the ideal solution for all your popular online business.
The Ideapter does not need special programming skills and can easily be integrated with a few clicks.
Whatever is your business or scale of business the solution software is developed with a compatibility to your platform.

What is special about the Ideapter?

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac
- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

No additional technology adoption required by merchants.

Ready to use plugins in upto 70% shorter delivery time and costs.

One framework to build/maintain all your plugins.

No sharing of data or revenue.

How it works

Ideapter Solution Architecture


- Ideatarmac

Backoffice Integration

Frontend Integration

Ideapter Framework

Cart SDK Layer


Oracle Commerce Cloud






Business Layer





iFrame/Hosted Fields



Full/Partial Refund


API Layer

Request preparation

Response parsing

Error Handling

PSP specific Config

Cart specific config

Payment Provider

- Ideatarmac

API endpoints, methods

Redirect, post method attributes

Why choose the Ideapter?

one process, Universal Payment Adapter - Ideatarmac

One Process

Be it any one or 10 shopsystem and its functionality, install once our solution software and connect it with all in just few clicks.

easy integration, Universal Payment Adapter - Ideatarmac

Easy integration

Time to Market is the key for any business. Our payment solution can be easily integrated into all existing shopsystems worldwide with just a few clicks – without any further programming.

design to build, Universal Payment Adapter - Ideatarmac

Design to Build

Solution software does not restrict to in built features however, can be customised according to the business requirements..

customer support, Universal Payment Adapter - Ideatarmac

Customer Support

Our experienced Team are available, be it support upgrade or update we proactively believe in providing solution to our clients