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Explosive amount of data is one of the most important challenges for businesses. Turning stored data into real-time data contributes exceedingly to the making of business decisions. Our breakthrough technology product Monitorem is developed for businesses to leverage real-time data. Monitorem is developed as a LINK technology of Salesforce Commerce Cloud which features Artificial Intelligence (AI) and autonomous Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms.

Monitorem brings automation to troubleshooting, code performance analysis, and monitoring to your eCommerce store. It enables you to take simple to complex user experience decisions with real-time data for a better business outcome. With this AI-driven trouble-shooter you save up to 80% of your troubleshooting cost.

Our AI-driven technology is designed to optimize e-commerce components for great user experience.

Our custom solution

Whatever is your business our comprehensive troubleshooting is for all aspects of your online Shop

Real time web analysis, Monitorem - Ideatarmac


Real time web analysis for all user behaviors. AI powered segmentation technology and Role based user management system for better analysis of data.

Monitoring and Assessment, Monitorem - Ideatarmac


The comprehensive web monitoring and assessing of all webservices helps in solving critical issues, improving the loading time of the website, custom jobs as well as HTTP and FTP integrations.

Performance Analysis, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Performance Analysis

Our machine learning analyzes the root cause for slow performance issues, errors and response time 24/7/365. As a result of our automated analysis, we offer you no stress.

Third party integration, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

3rd party Integration

Monitorem integration for Google analytics is default. When it comes to 3rd party analytics tools, we just need your raw site performance data to derive real time user experience.

Customised and Flexible, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Customised and Flexible

Our Monitorem is customised and flexible to receive data in XML, CSV format, or Protocols HTTP, FTP, REST, API and flexibly monitors sites at one single place.

Our Monitorem in Action

The power of data delivers an incomparable business experience. This experience powered by AI can be turned as a competitive advantage in making the eCommerce store seamless to your customers.

Business Impact Analysis

Real-time user experience data plays a unique role in analysing the business impact. The derived data is more specific to the region or browser which is summarized and analysed. The analysed data shows the positive and negative impact which alone could influence certain business strategies.

Analysis screen shot, Monitorem - Ideatarmac
Troubleshooter screen shot, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Automated Troubleshooter

Monitorem is all about AI driven by automated ML algorithm. The pre-built algorithm detects the irregularities of your eCommerce store and the bounce rate. It is not just a check and fix strategy but it derives the accurate problems.

The data is fed to predesigned algorithms or custom machine learning algorithms to troubleshoot and solve seamlessly.

In an effortless, just few hours the algorithms are up and working.

Highly Interactive Root Cause Analysis

Monitorem not only delivers the power of analytics but also highly interactive automated root cause analysis.

The root cause analysis helps us in proactively developing a solution before it affects the business. The ultimate goal is to avoid any potential issues that may arise in the future.

Rootcause screen shot, Monitorem - Ideatarmac
Smart Alert screen shot, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Smart Alerting

Be rest assured of no more spamming of mailbox or some random alerts. Our alert algorithm generates a smart value data based on previous data and duration. It also checks the probable influencers for increase or decrease of parameter.

It shoots an alert with customized troubleshooting options.

Connect with our AI Monitorem Solution

We Integrate our Monitorem AI solution and help you to achieve gain valuable business analysis by offering

Machine driven solution, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Agile AI machine-driven solution along with SFCC LINK technology

Experienced site administration, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Experienced site administrators with extensive industry knowledge

Proven solutions, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Real problems, aggressively tested proven solutions

Business impact analysis, Monitorem - Ideatarmac

Real business impact comprehensive analysis