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Technology solution for 3rd party integrations to shop systems

Integrating partners, storefronts and marketplace data with shop systems and its back-end applications is core to seamless E-Commerce experience. Further to this synchronization of internal applications, integration of data stores, and analytics frameworks add to the complexity of integrations.

Through our core products, we offer our service solution as a software “Ideapter” and solution “Datatarmac”.

Out-of-Box integration technology is developed with an ability to adapt to changes in aggressively improving technology. Our “Datatarmac” and “Ideapter” offer the most agile and flexible integration solution for your shop system and Payment Solutions.

We serve our global clients through our dedication, technology, and innovation. Whether it is based on Java, PHP or any other programming language or platforms we do it for you though our experienced and certified team of developers.

Our shop system expertise:

Our methodology

methodology, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Why Ideatarmac | Technology plumbing for the integration of your needed shop systems

Multiple plugins, One Interface, One Team

Absolute management of Shop ecosystem, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Absolute management of Shop ecosystem

Seamless integration simplified process, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Seamless integration simplified process

Accelerated market launch, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Accelerated market launch

Transparent pricing model, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Transparent pricing model

Manage /update of code version and Sandbox, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Manage /update of code version & Sandbox

xperienced and certified developers, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Experienced and certified developers


Ideapter is Ideatarmac’s licensed B2B, B2C solution software. The software connects as a plugin between more than 10 shop systems and different payment options. This effortless and agile solution is also future ready and reduces 70% of effort when compared to individual management of Payment service providers.

Our vision of a simplified solution is encompassed with a seamless operation for a successful E-Commerce business. The software is regularly updated and improved by our team of experts.

Supported shop systems

Our Ideapter is the ideal solution for all your popular shop systems.

We do offer for other shop systems that are not listed below depending on the need and adaptability. In case of other shop systems please let us know your requirements.

Ideapter,Supported shopsystem, plugin services - Ideatarmac

Why Ideatarmac’s Ideapter

one process, Ideapter - Ideatarmac

One Process

Be it one or ten shop systems and their functionality, install once our solution software and connect it.

easy integration, Ideapter - Ideatarmac

Easy integration

Time to Market is the key for any business. Our solution can be easily integrated into the most popular shop systems worldwide with just minimal effort due to a high level of automation.

design to build, Ideapter - Ideatarmac

Design to Build

Solution software does not restrict to in built features however, can be customised according to the business requirements.

customer support, Ideapter - Ideatarmac

Customer Support

Our experienced Team are available, be it support upgrade or update we proactively believe in providing solution to our clients


Datatarmac is Ideatarmac’s middleware solution for data integration. We provide an integration solution that eases the business by transforming and publishing relevant data among the integrated shop systems. Datatarmac removes the complexity by providing clear visibility and performance. With the Ideology “Connect Once and Publish everywhere” we aim at making your integration a lot simpler and reducing the effort by upto 70%.

Our Datatarmac is the ideal solution to integrate all popular CMS in your individual business solution.

Supported shop systems

Our Datatarmac is an ideal solution for your complex data integration between your individual solution as a provider and the shop systems you need. Be it Java, Java Script, PHP or other languages, we can integrate you natively.

We do offer other shop systems that are not listed below depending on the need and adaptability. In case of other shop systems please let us know your requirements.

DatatarmacSupported shopsystem - Ideatarmac

Benefits at a Glance – Datatarmac

Connect once, Datatarmac - Ideatarmac

Connect once

Developed strategically to connect with services APIs, fastly and easily. This also means it is scaled to fit any data involving SaaS applications.

Easy integration, Datatarmac - Ideatarmac

Easy integration

Time to Market is the key for any business and so is rapid integration with high innovation. With simplified technology it can be integrated without any infrastructure changes.

data security, Datatarmac - Ideatarmac

Data Security

Data means extensive data security, maintenance and compliance which is the key component that we offer which is less time consuming, eased compared to other software solutions.

customer support, Datatarmac - Ideatarmac

Customer Support

With extensive market research we offer the best solution to your technology as well as ensuring excellent customer services by our team along the way.