Pratyush Saxena CEO and Co-Founder of Ideatarmac

Pratyush Saxena, co-founder and CEO of Ideatarmac.

Pratyush Saxena CEO and Co-Founder

Sales and Strategy

Pratyush Saxena CEO and Co-Founder of Ideatarmac. Committed with the vision of eCommerce digital transformation. A flexible and agile technology solution started his entrepreneurial career. In 2013 founder of Ideatarmac in Jena, Germany. Prior to his business venture he worked for Demand ware (SFCC) and Hewlett Packard organisation. Pratyush Saxena building customer relation and is responsible for Sales and Administration. Through constant touch with ever changing needs of eCommerce he steers company’s portfolio of services. He holds a a Masters in Business, from the UK. A Bachelor in Engineering with emphasis in Electronics Communications, from India.

Pratyush’s dedication is an inspiring aspect from each one of us at Ideatarmac. He strives for excellence in customers service and working with team.