Datatarmac is Ideatarmac’s middleware solution for data integration. We provide an integration solution that eases the business by transforming and publishing relevant data among the integrated shop systems. Datatarmac removes the complexity by providing clear visibility and performance. With the Ideology “Connect Once and Publish everywhere” we aim at making your integration a lot simpler and reducing the effort by upto 70%.
Our Datatarmac is the ideal solution to integrate all popular CMS in your individual business solution.

Why Datatarmac

Connect once, Data Connector - Ideatarmac

Connect once

Developed strategically to connect with services APIs, fastly and easily. This also means it is scaled to fit any data involving SaaS applications.

Easy integration, Data Connector - Ideatarmac

Easy integration

Time to Market is the key for any business. Our solution can be easily integrated into the most popular shop systems worldwide with just minimal effort due to a high level of automation.

data security, Data Connector - Ideatarmac

Data Security

Data means extensive data security, maintenance and compliance which is the key component that we offer which is less time consuming, eased compared to other software solutions.

customer support, Data Connector - Ideatarmac

Customer Support

With extensive market research we offer the best solution to your technology we also ensure excellent customer services
by our team along the way.

What to expect from Datatarmac:

- Ideatarmac

Multi channel architecture

- Ideatarmac

API based architecture

- Ideatarmac

Configurable data mapping

- Ideatarmac

Validation APIs to check data sanity

- Ideatarmac

Ready integrations to Akeneo, Shopify, Google merchant and SFCC. More coming.

- Ideatarmac

Support for XML,JSON,CSV, many more data formats

- Ideatarmac

Support for both file transfers and API synchs

- Ideatarmac

Fully automated batch processing mechanism

- Ideatarmac

Ability to create and edit custom data synchronizations with scheduling options

- Ideatarmac

Logging and email alerting

- Ideatarmac

Ability to embed UI in external systems such as Shopify

- Ideatarmac

SAAS and in house models available

- Ideatarmac

Support for event-based synching (Upcoming)

Headless Middleware

Shop Plugins







Shopware 6



- Ideatarmac

Customizable Admin UI

Shop API / Webhooks





File synch

Data Processing Layer

Your data format

Reusable Datatarmac data format

Vendor shop data mapping

Data cache for faster processing

Vendor API / Webhooks

Request preparation

Response parsing

Error Handling

Import specific configuration

File Synch


Datatarmac Framework


Process API

Data query API

Process API

- Ideatarmac

Technology Provider

API endpoints, methods

Redirect, post method attributes

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

Integration scripts

- Ideatarmac

- Ideatarmac

Cloud based Datatarmac:

The internet is changing the way we conduct business and interact as a society. Traditionally, hardware and software are fully contained on your computer. This means that you access your data and programs exclusively within your own computer.
Cloud Datatarmac allows you to access your data and programs outside of your own computing environment. Rather than storing your data and software on your personal computer or server, it is stored in the cloud.


Datatarmac as a software:
Installed on a local server or computer and managed on-site by our team which handles all the manual updates, fixes problems, and does general troubleshooting. Datatarmac as a software allows greater hands-on management compared to hosted solutions.




Reduced IT costs

Save time, money and resources

Business continuity

Gain speed (modularized architecture)


Relevant for you if you want to have flexibility on customization


Data security, compliances and regulations *EU* (data is hosted by you)